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The second edition of the ACES mentoring program 2024-2025 is here! Are you ready?

The ACES mentoring program is a great opportunity to strengthen the connections of the scientific community in Sweden and to share the valuable experience that senior professionals can bring from different areas of academic and applied research.

Main goals

This mentoring program is for you if you intend to:

–                Get advice on how to continue your scientific career at the university/industry.

–                Share your professional experience and inspire others.

–                Network with scientists in Sweden to build connections and start collaborations.

–                Discuss with other professionals in your field about how to redirect your career.

Who should participate

If you live in Sweden and your work is related to a scientific discipline being a:

–                Student.

–                Junior/Senior researcher in the industry or academia.

–                Professor.

This year everyone can participate, regardless of whether they are a member of ACES or not, and the program will be conducted entirely in English.

If you also feel that it is not easy and often not clear in which direction your next steps should go in your professional career, or you want to contribute to the scientific community by providing advice to the younger generations and being inspired by others, ACES mentoring program intends to serve as a platform for that purpose connecting the participants to share professional experiences about their not always straight forward professional journey.

Format of the mentorship program and registration

The participants can register in the program as mentors, mentees, or both. To find the best match for the pairs mentor-mentee, you should fill in the registration form (please see the link below) with additional information about your professional background and expectations from the mentorship program before June 30th, 2024. During the mentoring program: September 2024 – May 2025, each pair should meet at least 5 times either online or in person to share goals, thoughts, advice, and experiences. The structure of these meetings is free, but a general guideline will be provided during the kick-off session at the start of the program.

Enjoy and get the most out of the ACES mentoring program and if you encounter any problem do not hesitate to get in touch with us: