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The Last Thursday: meet us on 29th March

Session: ACES comes back to this seminar series «The Last Thrusday». For this ocassion, the oncologist Maria Wolodarski will talk to us about the malign melanoma, and the new therapeutical approaches that are reaching very hopeful results.Like always, after the seminar we will gather to mingle, with special prices for all the members of our association. See you there!

In this case, because of availability, «the last thrusday» seminar will take place on a WEDNESDAY.

Date: Wednesday 29th March 2017 – 18:00h
Place: Cancercentrum Karolinska (CCK); Seminar Room, 5th floor. Building R08.
Hospital Karolinska – (Don’t mistake it with KI!)
How to get there:
Bus stop at Karolinska Sjukhuset (3, 57, 77, 506…)
Bus stops at Solnavägen and near SciLife (67…)
Not very far from Sankt Eriksplan (T-banna)