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Researchers as Teachers – Webinar Series

Researchers working in academia that follow a “traditional” progression path will encounter, at some point in their career, the need to teach their expertise in a higher education system. This step is often a milestone to secure a permanent position both in Spain and in other countries such as the UK.

Our colleagues at the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK has designed a series of webinars to explore the different aspects of teaching in higher education from a research context. The programme has been designed and will be delivered by experts in learning and teaching, and career services. The programme has the following OBJECTIVES:

  • Help participants understand the British and Spanish systems of higher education teaching
  • Explain steps they might take towards obtaining the required qualifications and/or accreditation in the UK and Spain
  • Encourage reflection on whether this is a field that they would like to explore as researchers and how to approach initial teaching sessions.
  • Provide guidance and ideas towards the development of job and fellowship applications

The course will therefore consist of the following sessions:

  • 1st Webinar (9th November 2018. 13:00-14:00 GMT): “The British system for higher education teaching”: HE teaching qualifications and accreditation in the UK. Rachel Bovill (Professional Development Manager for Learning and Teaching, The University of Sheffield, TUoS) and Darcey Gillie (Career Adviser for Researchers, TUoS).
  • 2nd Webinar (14th December 2018.13:00-14:00 GMT): “The Spanish system for higher education teaching”: Qualifications, accreditations (e.g. ANECA) and experience needed to obtain a position of lecturer in Spain. Dr Ángeles Díez Fernández (Departamento de Filología Moderna) and Dr Carlos Gutiérrez (Departamento de Educación Física), Dr Álvaro Rodríguez Álvarez, Ramón y Cajal Fellow in agronomic engineering (ULE)University of Leon (ULE),
  •  3rd Webinar (11th January 2019. 13:00-14:00 GMT) “8 questions to make you a pedagogical pro”: Large-group teaching and how to design your first lectures. Darcey Gillie
  • 4th Webinar (8th February 2919.13:00-14:00 GMT): “One-to-One and small group teaching”: Individual teaching. Rachel Bovill  and Darcey Gillie
  • 5th Webinar (8th March 2019. 13:00-14:00 GMT): “On reflection: personal path towards teaching as a researcher”: Troubleshooting and guidance towards implementing the learnt concepts during the course. Rachel Bovill  and Darcey Gillie


Registration and Fees

The registration and fees cover the five webinars through the online platform Go To Webinar.

You should register through Eventbrite (here) where you can find the links for webinar participation. We recommend registering for all webinar participation as soon as possible. Webinars will be video recorded so registered participants will be able to access the webinar in case that they cannot join the live session or they register once the webinar has taken place.

The programme is free for SRUK regular and associate members.  Fees apply to other members: Friends of SRUK are required to pay a fee of £5 (Please note that SRUK offers a free “friend” membership for Spanish researchers living outside the UK); members from any of the Societies from the Network of Spanish Researchers Abroad like ACES (RAICEx) are required to pay a fee of £10. Non-members are required to pay a fee of £20.


Certification and recognition 

Certificates from SRUK can be issued for the attendance to independent webinars and to the entire programme. These will be generated after the webinar #5 but if you need them earlier, please, contact with


A detailed description of the programme can be find here.

For any further enquiries please contact