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Webinario: «Ingeniería Nuclear: Retos y Promesas»

Queridos compañeros, la ACES os invita a nuestro próximo evento digital, un webinario con el título «Ingenieria Nuclear: Retos y Promesas, el miércoles 16 de junio a las 18:00 por Zoom: Meeting ID: 892 1257 6507 Passcode: 311598. ¡Te esperamos!


Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez
Postdoc at MIT and one of the «30 under 30» at Forbes in 2021
Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT 2019. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 2014. Master thesis project at Politecnico di Milano, 2015. Ingeniero Técnico Superior Industrial Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2013.
I am a research scientist at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My professional goal is to do my bit towards fighting climate change and the energy crisis from a technical and scientific perspective. Fusion energy is a very promising technology and I am devoting my career to the better understanding and prediction of the core of fusion devices. I primarily work on the SPARC tokamak project, but I am also involved in research studies of the US Department of Energy at the ASDEX Upgrade, Alcator C-Mod , DIII-D and JET tokamaks. My expertise lies in tokamak integrated modeling and scenario optimization, at the intersection between experiment and theory, with a focus on core energy transport.Honors and AwardsForbes 30 Under 30 honoree in Science for 2021, Del Favero Doctoral Thesis Prize for the most innovative advance in the field. Premio Joven Ingeniero (“Young Engineer” early career achievement award) . Manson Benedict Award for excellence in academic performance and professional promise. Premio de Promoción en Ingeniería Industrial (Award for the top student in Industrial Engineering), 1st out of ~400 students. Premio de Promoción de Especialidad en Técnicas Energéticas  (Award for the top student in Energy Engineering), 1st out of ~50 students. Cátedra Repsol Award for the best master’s thesis project. Premio Cajal Ingenieros al Rendimiento Académico.

José Manuel Udias Moinelo Full Professor at UCMFull Professor at UCM. Postdoctoral fellowships: NIKHEF-K Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Marie Curie Postdoctoral grant, Institute of Theoretical Physics at U. Tübingen (Germany), and Institute of Nuclear Physics, UJF at Grenoble (France). Leadership Skills: Co-chair of the UCM Nuclear Physics Group. Principal Researcher of eleven national, regional, European and other international research grants. Responsible for ten knowledge transfer contracts to companies. Former chair of the Nuclear Physics Division of the Royal Spanish Physical Society. Coordinator at UCM of the Nuclear Physics MSc program, with Erasmus+ mention. Former Member of the board of the Spanish National Centre for Particles, Astroparticles and Nuclear Physics (CPAN). Coordinator of the Cluster for Global Change and New Energies, Moncloa Campus of International Excellence UCM-UPM. Advisor of 11 PhD theses already defended.  International Recognition: 219 works, 3290 cites and h = 33 (Scopus September 2019), 70% Q1, 17% D1. on theoretical nuclear physics, nuclear instrumentations and nuclear physics applied to medicine. Former Member of the Board of the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society. Referee of more than 17 international journals and for the ERC and the funding agencies of Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina and Spain.