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BRIDGING EUROPEAN SCIENCE IV – Let’s meet in the heart of Europe!

Following our successful first 3 instances of BES, we return this year with a very European theme: The role of scientific networks to improve the European research and innovation landscape and guide evidence-informed policy. The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on Friday 20th, and Saturday 21st of October, 2023.

Science is a key driver of progress and innovation in our societies. It provides the evidence base for policies that shape our lives, and it generates the knowledge and technologies that fuel economic growth and improve human well-being. Yet, science is not a solitary endeavour: it relies on collaboration, communication, and networking across disciplines, institutions, and countries. Thus, scientific networks and lobbies have a vital role in shaping our society and the research landscape of a region. 

Scientific networks in Europe do have a long tradition, but they have the potential to be developed further and achieve greater impact if their funding, structure, and visibility are strengthened. Investing in scientific networks can strengthen Europe’s research and innovation capacity, boost collaboration across disciplines and sectors, and improve the translation of research into policy and practice

This event aims to explore the opportunities and challenges of scientific networks in Europe and identify strategies to enhance their impact and sustainability.

For this purpose, the event will feature panel discussions with renowned experts  on currently relevant topics such as:

  • The potential of scientific networks to enhance research mobility and collaboration
  • The contributions of scientific diasporas to improve and homogenise the European research and innovation landscape 
  • The sustainability and governance of scientific networks 
  • The challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinarity and cross-sectoral collaboration within and among scientific networks
  • The role of scientific networks in shaping European evidence-informed policies
  • The importance of promoting versatile scientific profiles, who can transition from academia to industrial or institutional roles, thereby enhancing the integration of science within our society.

We would like to invite researchers, policymakers, funders, practitioners, and stakeholders from different fields and sectors to join us in this timely and vital discussion on how to consolidate scientific networks as an essential bridge between European science and guide evidence-based policy. Please note that the first day of the meeting will be held in English, while the second day will be conducted in Spanish.

Take a look at the preliminary schedule below.

Nota: si eres socio de la ACES, puedes solicitar las becas de viaje para atender el BES IV! Lee todos los detalles aquí.