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Eva Ortega-Paino

Miembro de pleno derecho

Scientific background: Bachelor Degree and Ph.D. in Chemistry (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) from Complutense University in Madrid (2002). Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University (2002-2004), where she was employed as a Scientist for 3 more years. In Lund her research field was the discovery of new therapeutic targets on Mantle Cell Lymphoma by means of RNAi. She was a pioneer in Sweden in regards with RNAi and transfection of tumoral cells in suspension. After 5 years at Lund University she moved to Oslo (Norway) to work in a company, Affitech AS. Her role as a pre-clinical Senior Scientist was to study the effect of different recombinant antibodies, with therapeutic purposes, on different cell lines. Back in Sweden, she changes topic and starts working as a Scientific Consultant and Senior Applications Manager and soon after as Research Coordinator for (Biobanking and Molecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden). Currently, she is the coordinator of the Service Centre for Southern Sweden.

Goals within ACES: Since she landed in Sweden, her main interest has been focused in getting to know and help other Spanish researchers who could have experienced or are still experiencing all the bureaucratic and integration hindrances in Sweden. For her ACES gives a great opportunity for potential collaborations with other researchers as well as a great link with other scientists not only at the national, but also at the international level.