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Mireia Palomar Siles


Scientific Background

BSc in Biomedical Sciences from Universitat de Barcelona, Spain and MSc in Tumor Biology from Skövde University, Sweden. Since Mireia was finishing her Bachelor in Barcelona she already knew that she wanted to travel abroad to continue her studies and discover new cultures. To do that, she moved to Skövde, in Sweden, where she spent her first year of the Master’s programme. One year later, she moved to Stockholm to perform the Master Thesis and stayed there to start her PhD in Oncology. During her PhD, she is working on finding compounds that could be developed and used as anti-cancer therapies. These therapies are based on reactivating the function of genes that are frequently mutated in human cancers and have an important function in avoiding cancer initiation and/or progression.

Objectives within ACES

Meeting other Spanish Scientists in Sweden and learning about their fields was what most caught Mireia’s attention from ACES. Mireia has a strong interest on communication and interpersonal relationships. She aims to contribute to ACES by promoting scientific events, which create enriching discussions and facilitate collaborations between researchers. In addition, she thinks ACES is a fantastic forum for new researchers in Sweden to get support. ACES is also a great association for researchers that after their experience in Sweden decide to continue their careers in Spain.