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Laura Sánchez Rivera


Miembro de pleno derecho

Scientific Background: MSc in biology and food science (2010) and in Agricultural Chemistry (2011) (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). She received her PhD in January 2015 from the National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid at CIAL institute. During the Ph.D she studied the breakdown of proteins during digestion (in vitroand in vivomodels) and the subsequent generation of biologically active peptides through mass spectrometry, evaluating evaluated the bioavailability (ADME trials) of these peptides in circulation in a rodent model, as well as the mechanism of action thereof. After obtaining the Ph.D (2015), she moved to France (STLO, Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes) to finish her research related to digestion using a pig model. In Spring 2015 she moved to Stockholm for a postdoc in KTH in the group of Clinically Applied Proteomics at SciLifeLab. She worked on the discovery and validation of plasma makers for diagnosis and risk prediction of venous thromboembolism, using affinity proteomics combined with mass-spectrometry in large cohort studies. Currently, she works at the division of Biophysics at (KTH) also at SciLifeLab on inmuno-oncology, using microchip single cell screening and advanced fluorescence imaging to study how antibody-based drugs influence target cell recognition, dynamics of immune synapse formation and cytotoxicity related to NK and T-cell mediated immunity.


Goal within ACES: to support Spanish researchers to settle personally and scientifically into Sweden. The association helps to establish links between Spanish and Swedish scientific communities and represents a great opportunity for collaborations.