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Eva Garmendia

Vocal de comunicación

Miembro de pleno derecho

Scientific Background: BSc, MSc in Biology (Granada University, Spain). Eva is a microbiology scientist with strong interest in science communication, network building and facilitation within science.  After 8 years working researching various topics within genetics and evolution at the University of Granada, the Spanish Research Council and the Uppsala University (Ph.D. in Medical Sciences with focus on bacterial evolution. Defended 2017), she is currently a coordinator of the Uppsala Antibiotic Center at Uppsala University, where she takes care of the overall project management, content creation, communication, and networking. Having a passion for science communication, she works producing the center’s podcast and organizing the center’s outreach activities. Her role as communicator also involves managing the center’s social media, website and media content, as well as taking care of the flow of information within the center and towards our extended networks. In her free time you can find her taking photos, painting or dancing.

Goals within ACES: Eva sees ACES as a wonderful opportunity to meet people in similar situations and that can help each other in many different aspects. She also believes in ACES as the link between Spain and Sweden at a professional level and as the platform to spread the science in a popular way, both between scientists of different areas as well as towards the general population.