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Antonio Bermejo

Vocal por Empresa

Scientific Background: 

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Universidad de Sevilla, 2011). Postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University in collaboration with Cambrex Karlskoga (2011-2014) and AstraZeneca (2015-2016), and assistant researcher in the group of Prof. B. Martín-Matute (2017).

In 2018, he joined Sprint Bioscience as a senior scientist in medicinal chemistry, focusing on fragment- and structure-based drug discovery. Continuing his work in drug discovery, he moved to Oncopeptides in 2020, transitioning into drug development in the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) department as a project manager. In 2022 he joined Synartro, where he currently is the Head of R&D and CMC, and project manager, driving and coordinating R&D and CMC activities. He is also involved in various functions, including preclinical, regulatory, and clinical development—along with being the main contact with CROs, CMOs and consultants—, and also IP strategy, grant applications and investor meetings. In November 2023, he initiated his career as an independent consultant by founding Abego Pharma Insights AB, offering services as a scientific advisor in drug development and project management.

Antonio has published over 28 publications in international scientific journals (with >1600 citations, h-index = 18), contributing to 11 poster and 8 oral presentations in international meetings. He is the co-inventor in 4 PCT application and 5 provisional patent application.

Objectives within ACES: 

Antonio has been a member of ACES for 10 years. He believes that ACES can be very useful in guiding Spanish scientists who aspire to pursue careers in the industry. He is committed to breaking existing barriers for scientists looking to take this step by dispelling myths and providing valuable insights. By helping people better understand how the industry works, addressing misconceptions, and offering practical guidance, he aims to empower Spanish scientists to thrive in the world of industrial research. As part of ACES, he is enthusiastic about collaborating with like-minded professionals to create a supportive community that facilitates the transition from academia to industry.