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Ana Álvarez


Miembro honorífico

Scientific Background: BSc, MSc in Biology (Granada University, Spain). Being interested in science since she started her studies, she began working on the department of genetics in the University of Granada as research intern in 2009, studying the evolution of grasshoppers around the Mediterranean Sea until 2012. During the academic course 2010/11 she came to Sweden as an ERASMUS student and she had the opportunity to research on the field of microbial genetics in the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (Uppsala University). During the summer of 2011 she worked on the development of antiviral tools against HCV on the CSIC’s center Lopez Neyra in Granada. By the end of 2012 she came back to Uppsala to start her Ph.D. studies in the department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology. Her thesis work focuses on fitness compensation and adaptation in bacteria.

Goals within ACES: Eva sees ACES as a wonderful opportunity to meet people in similar situations and that can help each other in many different aspects. She also believes in ACES as the link between Spain and Sweden at a professional level and as the platform to spread the science in a popular way, both between scientists of different areas as well as towards the general population.