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The Last Thursday

The last Thursday / El último Jueves – 2018

We present the 2018 series of meetings  «The Last Thursdays», which will take place in Uppsala, Lund and Stockholm (alternating) during the last Thursday of every month.

The Last Thursdays are Monthly Series of Cultural-Scientific Events, meetings around a session of scientific/outreach/cultural character. Please check the program and the calendar at the corresponding section of this web-page to know more about past and future events of this series.

The seminar is followed by a discussion and get-together (drink and snack), and is totally free for our members. We look forward to meeting you «The Last Thursday» of this month.

Third «The Last Thursday» event

You are all welcome to the third session of the succesful seminar series «The Last Thurday»!

Do you want to know more about how to improve your use of multvariate statistical tools in an entertaining and educational session? Elina Staaf, in her talk entitled Multivariate analysis: A helping hand in the era of big datasets, will tell us how to incorporate multivariate analysis, a traslational and extremely useful tool, to our reserach.
The talk will be given in English. This activity is completely free for our associates, but for organization purposes we request you to confirm your attendance to the email aces.directiva at Each confirmation will receive a voucher for a snack after the session.

Thursday 26 November, 18:30

Seminar room Sievert. Building Z.
Karolinska Hospital (do not confuse with KI!)

Karolinska Sjukhuset bus stop (3, 67, 77…)
Bus stops in Solnavägen and close to SciLife (57…)
Karolinska Institutet Östra (69 from T-centralen, 73, 507).

Not far from Sankt Eriksplan (T-banna)
Attached is a map of Karolinska Hospital in PDF, with the lecture room marked in red together with the closest bus stops.

Title: Multivariate analysis: A helping hand in the era of big datasets
Speaker: Elina Staaf

These days, we have access to a larger variety of methods with multivariate output, such as genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and multicolor flow cytometry, There are a number of unique challenges associated with handling such large datasets. For example: how do we find the few significant variables among hundreds? And once we find them: how can we be sure that what we see is a true significances and not false positives?

To assist you there are various types of multivariate analysis approaches and softwares. One of the most common types is Principal Component Analysis (PCA), in which all variables are summarized to a few directions in space. This is a quick way to get an overview of trends and groups in the data, and to find variables best describing the variation in the data. Unlike traditional statistics softwares such as R, multivariate analysis softwares often use a graphical interface where groups can be visualized and the type of analysis can be selected without the need for programming.  Thus, they are useful also for beginners and can help you to rapidly sort out the most promising variables from your big dataset.

Results from multivariate analysis may often need to be supplemented with traditional statistics though. In this talk I will introduce some basics of multivariate analysis and PCA, and I will show examples from the software SIMCA 14 (Umetrics) on what multivariate analysis approaches can help you do.


The Last Thursday: meet us on 29th March

Session: ACES comes back to this seminar series «The Last Thrusday». For this ocassion, the oncologist Maria Wolodarski will talk to us about the malign melanoma, and the new therapeutical approaches that are reaching very hopeful results.Like always, after the seminar we will gather to mingle, with special prices for all the members of our association. See you there!

In this case, because of availability, «the last thrusday» seminar will take place on a WEDNESDAY.

Date: Wednesday 29th March 2017 – 18:00h
Place: Cancercentrum Karolinska (CCK); Seminar Room, 5th floor. Building R08.
Hospital Karolinska – (Don’t mistake it with KI!)
How to get there:
Bus stop at Karolinska Sjukhuset (3, 57, 77, 506…)
Bus stops at Solnavägen and near SciLife (67…)
Not very far from Sankt Eriksplan (T-banna)

New series of cultural-scientific events «The Last Thursday», starting 24/9 in Uppsala

After a summer of rest, we come back with a new agenda of activities and meetings of the SFFS. The first change is a series of meetings called «The Last Thursdays», which will take place in different locations during the last Thursday of every month. These will be informal meetings around a session of scientific/outreach/cultural character. We are pleased to announce the first of these meetings, which will take place this week in Uppsala and that you are kindly invided to attend!

Session: «Fray Luis de León anónimamente en medio de la naturaleza (o cómo leer un poema que todos conocéis)», given by Prof. Anthony John Lappin (National University of Ireland Maynooth). The session will be in Spanish.

Date: Thursday 24 September, 18:30
Place: SciLifeLab Central Room, BMC, Uppsala (see directions below).

Anthony, English born, Swedish resident and quite Spanish in the heart, is an expert in Spanish medieval literature who will teach us to read Fray Luis de León in this outreach session. This will take place in the central room/lobby of SciLifeLab Uppsala, which is an ideal place to host an informal meeting like this one, and so we could also serve a little snack along the lecture. The event will be completely free for our associates, but for organizing purposes we kindly ask you to confirm attendance by email to aces.directiva at (each confirmation will receive a voucher for one consumption during the session). People from Uppsala has no excuse, and those from Stockholm should come after our workday, it is a great opportunity to visit us during the session! We can continue the meeting in pub Katalin, beside Uppsala Central Station.

Access to the room is through entrance B11 of BMC (see map below). This is the closest door to the bus stop (buses 3, 14, and 20 from Central Station every 10 min). Access to BMC is restricted at that time, we will have someone waiting at the door between 18:15-18:30 to make sure no one will be left out. Again, confirming attendance to aces.directiva at will be of great help!! 🙂

Come on, we are waiting for you!