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We are a non-profit organization that brings together Spanish scientists settled in Sweden, both from academia and the private sector.

Our leitmotiv is networking, considered at different levels:

  • An Internal network between Spanish researchers in Sweden, which provides additional support for their professional and personal integration in the country of residence.
  • A Bilateral network that links the Spanish and Swedish scientific communities and relevant institutions.
  • A Translational network connecting the professional and business worlds of both countries, in order to open up new research related business opportunities.

The aims and interests of ACES-SFFS are:

  • To support a job board of scientists with unique knowledge of both the Swedish and the Spanish research systems and societies, which are assets for those companies willing to expand to each of the countries.
  • To disseminate science, with particular emphasis on implementing the lessons learned from the Swedish scientific model into the R&D system in Spain.To contact the society, you can email us at: aces.directiva[at]


The creation of an Association is carried out through the express agreement of three or more people, legally or legally constituted, committing to share knowledge, means and activities to achieve legal purposes, common, of general or particular interest and are endowed with Statutes that will govern the operation of the association. This agreement must be formalized through a founding act, and it is from this moment when the association acquires its legal personality and full capacity to act, although the obligation to register in the corresponding registry has not yet been fulfilled.

To read the full document, follow this link.